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The Fe Beauty Institutemrs is thealonespecialist in France in a unique and revolutionary method for all imperfect/failed permanent makeup.

Very beautiful things have been achieved thanks to semi ® makeup, but even today it can happen that you come across a dermographer with little or no experience. Which can sometimes lead to small adjustments. 

Fortunately everything can be corrected or modified in terms of both shape and color.

In a few sessions (4 to 6 at the rate of one session every 4 weeks), the techniques used make it possible to go from a very dark shade to a very light shade, to erase, shorten, thicken or lighten, in In short, everything is possible!

Obviously this work carried out by a professional has no consequences for the skin; the healing rate is perfectly respected. There is therefore, very often, no need to resort to major and expensive treatments. A multitude of possibilities are available to our customers thanks to our know-how and experience, we guarantee results that meet your wishes 99%.




     CAT'EYES TATTOO REMOVAL      C LIP TATTOO REMOVAL: Before: After (top video)                                                                                                                                                                           











Before/After                                Before                    After          








Dtattooing without LASER - without ACID OR PULSED LIGHT              

here are some examples of “failed” semi-permanent makeup corrected and/or modified in our institute;


NB: erasing semi-permanent makeup is entirely possible thanks to the technique practiced by the professional in               permanent makeup Mme Tani ® the Women's Beauty Institute following the know-how acquired over the years.                    many years of experience (25 years)

Event : Tattoo removal with Ms. TANI in PARIS, Geneva, Belgium, Montpellier, Toulouse, Barcelona, Nime... To make an appointment or information do not hesitate to contact us: 04 78 52 66 96 - 06 14 77 60 35

The Institut Beauté de Femme is the only specialist in France in a unique and revolutionary method
- without laser or chemical product - de-pigmentation (tattoo removal) for all imperfect/failed permanent makeup,
thanks to years of experience and know-how acquired over time. 
Even more visible result 1 week after the first session;

Tattoo Removal NATURAL without laser or chemicals like lactic acid (Fewer sessions without causing deep burns)

Visible result from the first session

The safest method currently on the market, gentle and natural method, non-surgical, no post-treatment complications.

The results are visible from the first session and the skin remains intact once healed.

Removes all colors: blue, yellow, orange, red, green, black, without holes or scars


TESTIMONY from a client from NICE 

Madame Tani is currently the only one who knows how to remove eyeliner and remove tattoos from the lips, thanks to the discovery of a process that only she knows and masters.

Many people arrive at Ms. Tani in a desperate state after having experimented with other methods (laser and acid-based), not knowing how to regain an acceptable face. Ms. Tani always has a solution to offer them.

You have a question ?

Would you like information about tattoo removal or simply make an appointment?

Do not hesitate to use the form below indicating your email address and telephone number, “We will contact you as soon as possible”.




































More photos  and LIVE ON SNAPCHAT (beautedefemme) / INSTAGRAM / FACEBOOK


What is the technique used to remove makeup?and permanent ?

The technique used resultsmany years of practice by Ms. TANI, who noticed that many people wanted to remove imperfect or failed permanent makeup.

She began to think about the best way to achieve this through a natural and gentle method, without chemicals (especially acid) or laser.
Thanks to her knowledge and research, she understood how to intervene on the tattoo.
She then experimented with what she suspected and found that it worked. She thus refined her method until the development of a protocol to achieve an optimal result.
Today the technique is perfectly mastered and makes it possible to remove dark areas as well as light areas, regardless of the age of the permanent makeup and regardless of the area (eyeliner, lips, eyebrows, spots). freckles, moles).

Indeed, this technique used by Ms. T. (dermographer and trainer at the Institut Beauté de Femme) makes it possible to gently erase any permanent makeup (even over 40 years old!), and to eliminate 99 100% of your permanent makeup in 3 or 4 sessions!!

Obviously it is the know-how and experience of your professional which is the key to the success of this method. This process has been so extensively experimented within the Women's Beauty Institute that today it is perfectly mastered.

This method is widely copied, but poorly used. Example: many people think they have to use skin color (flesh) but this can worsen the final result. Be careful in your choice regarding the experience of the professional to whom you will entrust your head.

   Info: new techniques, using chemical means exist, but are not authorized in France!

The advantages: Tattoo, permanent makeup all depths, all colors

  - You can refine, erase, shorten eyebrows, eyeliner or lip contour.

  - It generally takes 3 to 4 sessions for this treatment

  - An estimate of the number of sessions is given during the preliminary interview.

 The +: zero risk

  - does not contain acid (can cause deep burns and leave holes in the skin).

See the example (Photo) below lactic acid burn on eyebrows

(here very soon photos) 

  - Thanks to our technique (safe) no loss of hair (eyebrows), and no scars!!

 The client is invited to come to the institute in order to be able to establish a precise quote (but we can however be satisfied with a photo sent by email or SMS knowing that this quote will be less precise) and a first session can be carried out that day.

Progress of the intervention: 

You will not lose your eyebrows, nor will you be asked to shave them.

No hair loss. A simple ointment for treatment.

No redness or swelling. You can resume your activity straight away.

It is entirely possible to repigment (redo permanent makeup with MICROBLADING) after removing tattoos with Ms. Tani's method, (R)your skin will be intact. There is no scar, no burn.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that the method is in no way aggressive, unlike chemical products which burn the skin, leaving unsightly and permanent “craters”.



Recently, Ms. Tani even managed to remove small tattoos on her body: letters, butterflies...

Some videos have been posted on our site and on You Tube, Instagram, Facebook.

You can also see the intervention examples below


5 years ago I had semi-permanent makeup, more precisely a lip contour, the dermographer who works in the south of France advised me to enlarge my mouth, because she thought it would be prettier, I trusted her and she missed the tattoo, in fact there was always an untattooed space, lighter between the outline of the tattoos. lips and lips. I've been quite self-conscious all these years.... I used to wear lipstick to cover up that messy mouth.
Today I have a beautiful mouth again, I had the chance to meet the head of the women's beauty institute in Lyon Ms. T.... who practices dermo-repair and who managed to remove this famous contour.... This dermographer is a real magician and what's more, she made me a beautiful lipstick and  now I feel much better about myself because my mouth has been well repaired thanks to this technique.
Nelly S.


I recommend this institute for Dermo pigmentation. I missed eyebrows and I did research on the internet because I was afraid of the laser technique given the consequences and I came across the website of this institute of woman in Lyon in the 6th arrondissement She saved me, She removed it very quickly and naturally it's really a genius technique And for people who fail I recommend it it's chemical-free and your eyebrows won't fall out There is a very warm welcome in this institute. I saw people in tears who came from very far away to have it removed and frankly the women left with a very big smile, she is a truly human woman. NELLY


I thank you Ms TANI  for your superb work I came for a tattoo removal for my eyebrows because they were orange pink  and thanks to you  everything is gone I am so happy! many thanks again  Camille 


great result! thank you, you saved my life, that failed ugly pink mouth which protruded well above the slipper was ruining my life, everything is gone  many thanks again. BEA


Fortunately I met Ms TANI for an eyebrow tattoo removal and then redo Microblading the very satisfactory result thank you for your professionalism ISABELLE


Eye tattoo removal you were my last hope Dear to you I was able to get rid of this horror in my eyes  very happy  to have found you  I was able to reconcile myself with my image  you gave me a new look thank you for giving me back my well-being


 very satisfied with the result Ms TANI it was hell for me Ms TANI was able to remove the failed Microblading I am very very satisfied and I recommend you come to Ms TANI GREAT WORK! SYLVIE

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