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Online training

The Women's Beauty Institute offers you a new way to train without having to travel!

The goal of these online training courses is to offer everyone the opportunity to have quality training without needing to pay a lot of money to travel to our center!

How does it work ?

First of all, online training will be available in several formats, video to download, conference and video call with a trainer.

The videos offered are videos that last several hours, to correctly master the technique you have chosen.

After purchasing one or more videos on a particular theme, you can download them and watch them as many times as necessary to perfectly master the chosen technique.

When purchasing a video, you will provide your contact details on our site to deliver the starter kit.

Upon receipt of the kit you will be able to practice with the equipment to perfect your mastery and completely acquire the skills necessary for practice.

Then you will receive the best for last, the certificatediploma, this certificate certifies that you have followed training and that you have acquired the theory and practice, in the videos we will explain everything you need to know to completely master the technique you have chosen.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us in the contact category provided for this purpose!

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