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The lips


Permanent makeup allows you to improve the shape, color and overall appearance of the mouth without adding volume. It can also correct asymmetrical lips with great precision.

permanent lip makeup can serve as a base for your natural daily makeup, it always remains the same, does not come off and is resistant to all your activities...

- First treatment: 2 sessions at 3 week intervals

 - Maintenance  treatment: 1 session  every 2 years 

 - The result: From the first session  and even more visible after the touch-up 


Watercolor Lip.s.

Aquarelle Lips is a lip dermopigmentation that colors the entirety of your lips with a shading effect for a smooth finish.very 'sophisticated', the lips are drawn  in the chosen color and imperfections are corrected


Candy Lips

Candy Lips

 luscious and embellished lips


<“ Gradient” (or “melting”) With or without CONTOUR, for a volume effect.

This technique consists of degrading the color in 

 "3 D"  towards the original color and give a VOLUMATING effect.


Blush Lips

“Lips already plump”

BRUSH LIPS is Permanent Makeup (Filling) for lips "NO CONTOUR "

the pigment colors are close to the natural color of the lips


The mouth

The lips are the lures of sensuality, a pretty and well-defined mouth enhances a face. On the contrary, lips that are too thin will inspire a dry and severe character. There may also be a more or less pronounced asymmetry. Unfortunately as the years go by, the lips will lose their elasticity and curve while becoming adorned with fine lines that are not the most graceful. Permanent makeup, in addition to saving you from daily and tedious makeup (involving all the constraints that we know well: marks on glasses, exorbitant prices of lipsticks, etc.), allows you to correct certain small defects or improve the qualities natural already present. For example, through judicious drawing and a light filling which will last several years, we can give thickness to the lips and this slight enlargement will give the impression of much plumper and rejuvenated lips. We can also correct frontal asymmetries or between upper and lower lips.

In addition, our “lip contour with slight relief” technique, which we developed ourselves, will prevent lipstick from spilling between fine lines. The almost infinite choice of contour and color allows you to personalize the result very precisely, a pink tone associated with a heart-shaped mouth will give a youthful look, while a carmine red on full lips will give an assumed naughty look.  It all depends on your nature and the image you want to convey, we are obviously here to advise you

The lip contour often as you age, your lips become paler. Permanent makeup then allows you to highlight your lips with a contour, but also to enlarge them. It can also correct asymmetrical lips with great precision. It will give you voluminous lips and a luscious mouth.

How it works ?

The skin that covers the lip muscle allows the pigment to hold. Through transparency, the color thus applied, brighter than your natural color, then appears permanently under this skin with a pretty translucent effect.
For a perfect result, the operation sometimes requires two to three sessions. Once the first session is completed, the healing process begins and lasts for a week. The care to follow is very important; they require special attention on your part.


Immediately after the session, your lips may appear a little swollen, with a slight feeling of dryness and the color may appear dark and thick (due to the mixture between the color of the pigment and the crust) because the healing process is underway. . These effects are completely normal: you must always wait for the healing to end to appreciate the beauty of the final result.
To support this process, we recommend a healing ointment to be applied three times a day, first delicately cleaning the area concerned with an antiseptic. It is important to wash your hands before each application.
Precautions and advice
> After the session, for a week, you should definitely not apply makeup to the pigmented area.
> Absolutely avoid rubbing or scratching the tattooed area; be careful not to tear off the scabs. The appearance of the latter is a normal stage for healing.
> Do not immerse permanent makeup in hot water for 5 to 6 days so as not to alter the color. Likewise, avoid the sauna, hammam, swimming pool, UV rays and prolonged exposure to the sun for a week.
> Do not apply Biafine, creams, lotion or chemicals to the tattooed surface except healing ointment.
> Brush your teeth with a mild toothpaste (children's toothpaste for example) so as not to change the color of your lip contour.
> During this week, also remember to protect your pillowcases because the pigments can stain them.
> One month after the session, continue to protect your permanent makeup: do not apply creams or chemicals, do not exfoliate or peel, this could fade the color. Once this month has passed, you can resume all your habits, and find your beauty creams and rituals.

N/B Herpes take treatment before/after lip pigmentation.

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