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1 DAY / 7 hours

Improvement and specialization module 1 day


This training is open to all, find out...quickly!!

Offer an additional service to your customers.


At the end of the Permanent Makeup training, you will be given an INTERNSHIP CERTIFICATE, this certificate will allow you to create your own business, on your own. Our certificates are recognized by the chambers of trades...

Following insufficiently assimilated training!

 Objective: Fill gaps following insufficiently assimilated training or acquire greater experience before "getting started" 


This general training provided to people who have already completed initial Module 1 training of 5 or 7 days and need reminders or improvement in this or that application. The training lasts a whole day. The training is entirely individualized in private lessons. The program is established following an interview, and control of the techniques acquired


Improvement: Choose from the following modules:

  • Eyebrows: Shading/Microblading (hair to hair).

  • Eyes: Eye liner, eyeshadow, two-tone eyeliner.

  • Lips: Lip contour, lip filler, full lips.

  • Camouflage of scars: Facelifts, accidental.

  • Correction of breast areolas: periareolar, 3D areolas, trompe-l'oeil nipples

  • Scalp pigmentation

  • Depigmentation (Removing permanent makeup), Recovery from failures of previous interventions,

  • Colorimetry (manufacture neutralizers for eyebrows, lips, eye liners...warm/cold colors...)


Per training: 1 to 2 students  max.

Training center declared DRTEFP, giving rights to financing (FONGECIF, DIF, POLE EMPLOI, etc.)

Do not hesitate to consult us!

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