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Tattoo removal

The Institut Beauté de Femme is the only specialist in France in a unique and revolutionary method for all imperfect/failed permanent makeup. 

Very beautiful things have been achieved thanks to semi-permanent makeup, but even today it can happen that you come across a dermographer with little or no experience. Which can sometimes lead to small adjustments. 

Fortunately everything can be corrected or modified in terms of both shape and color.

In a few sessions (4 to 6 at the rate of one session every 4 weeks), the techniques used make it possible to go from a very dark shade to a very light shade, to erase, shorten, thicken or lighten, in In short, everything is possible!

Obviously this work carried out by a professional has no consequences for the skin; the healing rate is perfectly respected. There is therefore, very often, no need to resort to major and expensive treatments. A multitude of possibilities are available to our customers thanks to our know-how and experience, we guarantee results that meet your wishes 99%.

For colors, the institute only uses quality natural pigments (CE and NF standards) offering a wide range of shades.

We therefore invite you to consult us in order to determine the time required based on what you want as well as the work to be done.

LASER-free tattoo removal - ACID-free.               

here are some examples of “failed” semi-permanent makeup corrected and/or modified in our institute;

NB: removing semi-permanent makeup is entirely possible thanks to the technique practiced by the permanent makeup professional Ms. Tani from the Institut Beauté de Femme following her know-how acquired over her many years experience (25 years).


For more details, videos and photos click here

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